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Handmoto Educational Whiteboard


HandMoto provides new and different images/lessons for our customers every month through our Moto Memberships. When you purchase a Moto embership in any of our four categories (Spelling, Math, Coloring, Puzzles/Games) you will receive 10 new licensed insertable images/lessons by email every month as a downloadable/printable PDF file. Memberships provide the legal licenses for you to print our images/lessons for your child’s education or fun that fit perfectly inside your child’s HandMoto.

Monthly Membership: $9.95 per month – When paid monthly your cost is 1 dollar per licensed image/lesson. Monthly memberships can be canceled at any time and no further licensed images/lessons will be sent.

Moto Full-Year Membership: $59.95 per year – Provides ten new images/lessons per month for a one-time payment of $59.95 or 49 cents per licensed image/lesson.

The Total4 Membership: $20.00 per month – Provides 40 new licensed images/lessons of 10 Spelling, 10 Math, 10 Coloring, and 10 Puzzles per month for 12 months (or 50 cents each).

The Total4 Yearly Membership: $99.00 per year – A one-time charge of $99.00. The Total4 Yearly Membership provides 40 new licensed images/lessons per month. 10 Spelling, 10 Math, 10 Coloring, and 10 Puzzles per month for 12 months (or 20 cents each per licensed image/lesson).

All HandMoto board purchasers receive the first three months free. (The first 30 additional licensed images/lessons are included (10 per/month). For all new board purchasers who immediately buy a Moto Membership, the three months’ free inserts are added to the 12 month memberships for a total of 15 months, receiving new images/lessons every month!

How Memberships Compare: (simply explained) An Easy Price Comparison using MATH (the Same for Spelling, Coloring, or Puzzle Memberships as well).

A Good Value:
A Monthly Paid Math Membership: $9.95mo / $1.00 each licensed image/lesson / 10 per month.

A Great Value:
Yearly Paid Math Membership: $59.95yr /.50 cents each licensed image/lesson / 10 per month.

A Big Value:
Our Total 4 Monthly Membership: $20.00mo / .50 cents each / 40 images per month for 12 months.

Our Ultimate Value:
Yearly Paid Total 4 Membership $99yr / .20 cents each / 40 images/lessons per month for 12 months.