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Handmoto Educational Whiteboard

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A tool for handwriting, motor skills and memory improvement.

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Why HandMoto

Works for Your Child

HandMoto- Provides ‘hand motor skill’ improvement for preschool, pre-writing, 3-6 year olds. Our 4 sku’s cover spelling, math, coloring, puzzles/games all ages. Children simply pick a template they want to play with, change the background in seconds, and then write on our patented transparent dry erase surface fill in the blanks, color, answer questions, play games, practice spelling and drawing, and do all this while never marking or using up the paper. This provides a way to practice over and over, and never waste paper or mismarking puzzles, games, etc.

What Experts Say

We strive to provide the best possible educational courses and materials from the finest teachers, professors and illustrators available today.

Moto-boards use templates as point guides. Their reusable template system transforms content into action through ‘frequency' and that is how you develop better recall, good, habits, and great results.

Moto-boards use 'guided repetition’ that creates fun and easy brain exercises for memorization and image reclamation.

Guided repetition creates fun and easy brain exercises for memorization

Background Interchangeable Dry Erase Learning Boards

Moto-boards are the only portable ‘background-interchangeable’ dry erase boards on earth. 

HandMoto products are also the simplest way for children to learn, improve handwriting, and experience educational play. The demand for a learning tool that provides an alternative to too much eye damaging computer screen time has arrived.