USA Made
Handmoto Educational Whiteboard

Moto Sign and Media Corporation’s mission is two-fold. Our first promise is to create the best products we can by delivering information in a manner that is safe, valuable and sustainable for both the user and the planet. Secondly, we strive to provide the best possible educational courses and materials from the finest teachers, professors and illustrators available today.

Moto Sign and Media’s educational department creates short courses, accredited lessons, templates, coaching courses and many other training materials. These lessons will help children advance, learn, and grow at their own pace. For adults, HandMoto is a tool that is both useful and beneficial for memory retention, education, household use and business.

Our team members come from both the educational and technology sectors. The HandMoto is a sustainable alternative to electronic devices that makes learning fun. At the same time it provides a method where children experience the same look and feel as a solid screen, yet with none of the negative side effects of electronics.

While technology is moving fast, many high-tech corporate leaders do not allow their own children on electronic devices at a young age. What do the creators of all these new gadgets know that would prompt them to forbid the use of electronics by their own children? Is it loss of motor skills? Damage to eyes? Loss of simple writing skills? The HandMoto addresses all of these problems!

By integrating more ‘moto-time’ into a child’s developmental years, parents are protecting their children from the negative effects of continual usage of electronics. It provides a way to practice their own writing skills with no waste of paper, making the HandMoto a green and sustainable product.

• HandMotos have received the Gold Standard ASTM F963 Certification for Child Safety as well as endorsements of professors from top universities.
• HandMoto’s boards, pens, erasers, and packaging are 100% made in the USA.
• HandMoto’s educational team is developing accredited courses and cutting edge content for three year olds to a hundred and one!

We present to the world the HandMoto – a new Eco-friendly learning tool that is both safe and sustainable. Our content (inserts) promise to be the best educational materials available today for all ages, created by recognized scholars that will accommodate both children’s and adults’ learning experiences for years to come.